Wednesday, August 24, 2016

 August 24, 2016

Stay Hydrated!Girl Drinking Water

We all know that water is important, but do you know just how beneficial drinking water can be?
Water  has been shown to help out when it comes to weight loss, fatigue, hunger, headaches, skin issues such as acne….and so much more. Our bodies are made up of mostly water — 70% of our brain and nearly 90% of our lungs, for example — so it is no wonder they need replenishing all day long.

Here are some more easy tips for incorporating water into your regular activities:

  • Water First. Instead of grabbing your usual soda or a Cup of Joe, look to water as your regular beverage of choice.
  • Top Of The Morning. Make it a habit to hydrate first thing in the morning when you wake up. Keep a glass of water right by your bedside so it is the first thing you think of as you start your day.
  • AHW…Always Have Water. Be sure to always have water with you or have access to it at work, when you are driving, while running errands and elsewhere.

A good rule of thumb: Some experts recommend taking your body weight and dividing it by two to get a baseline amount of how much water you need each day.  If you live in a hot climate, drink diuretics such as coffee or exercise daily, be sure to add in more H2O!

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Micah said...

Hydro-gen or H2o ..Born of water! Water is the most sacred resource on the planet. We and most everything that is and ever was depend on water to continue living. This is a great article! If people consumed the proper amounts of water that their bodies required theyd be in better shape overall. Nature has given us everything that we need to have a good life.

healthdesigner said...

You are so right, Micah. All of our organs need to be properly hydrated!